Personalized, Ready for the Real World Learning

“Plus” classes: Each class will have at least one unit or section within it covering practical information that students can use in their day-to-day lives (i.e. Government with a “Guide to Austin City Politics” unit).

Discovery Days: Each week, one day will be dedicated for students to explore their career options, learn life skills, prepare for potential life experiences, and explore the community and meet people working and living in it. One these days, we will either take a field trip and learn about other local and world cultures housed within our city or have special guests come by and teach them about unique careers and hobbies.

Personal fit: Our students will be encouraged to find programs, extracurricular activities, internships, and “CLEP” out of classes so they get a head start before they enter college or technical school or the workforce as employees, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. Students will be mostly self-directed, but learning facilitators will guide students’ learning by presenting information to appropriate accommodate for each student’s learning method. Each class will be a blend of skeleton course work and cross-curriculum projects tailored to and built out around each student’s career and hobby interest(s); students will go “light” on some subject areas in order to maximize their time in their studies towards areas that interest them.

Core subjects, various electives, and some individual athletics will be available for students to engage in.

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