Purpose and Goal

Our goal is to return the joy and ease of learning back to students while providing them with a relevant, deeply connected education that will help them prepare for their future years in adulthood. We plan to do this by encouraging that students be willing to be self-directed in their coursework, with academic support, coaching, and mentoring from learning facilitators along the way. Because our class size will be small, our students will have an individualized learning experience tailored to their needs and goals.


Erica Anthony-Benavides
Founder + Executive Director + Lead Learning Facilitator

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX many years ago, but I have always had an interest in conversing with and guiding others. When I was a teenager, I easily made friends with the younger kids near my home and in my grandmother’s neighborhood and thought becoming a mentor would be a fun job.

I have served as a gymnastics instructor, math lab/learning center instructor, and science teacher in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin for various ages and learning levels over the years. I am currently a certified Advanced Level Professional Tutor, Basic Level Academic Coach, and Basic Level Mentor through the National Tutoring Association (NTA) and certified Life Purpose Coach through Transformational Services. I will begin my graduate studies in Education Policy and Planning at the University of Texas at Austin the fall.

“Why start a school?”

The Second Home School for Personalized Learning is an extension of the work I do as a multi-subject tutor under my DBA Escalada Education Co. This is the school I wished I had as a teen. I remember a handful of classes from high school because they were either really hard or really interesting, and only two of those qualified as interesting to me. I had wanted to work at my own pace and I needed more skills and relevant, applicable info to help adequately prepare me for my adult life; without those, I spent years fumbling and bumbling around, making poor decisions, and being upset with the status quo. Unfortunately, I see the same thing going on with students today, and I have heard similar complaints from students of all backgrounds. Depending on where they are, they might have a chance at being truly engaged and prepared, but that often doesn’t happen in certain neighborhoods.

Co-Learning Facilitator


Board of Directors (initial)

Joey Gidseg
Cory Stewart
Roberto Livar

Advisory Board


Erica Anthony-Benavides of T2HS and Escalada Education Co.
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