A microschool for East Austin

The poorest and most marginalized of young people can’t currently afford to customize their learning experiences unless they become financially or socially independent and/or happen upon a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be lifted up out of their situation. The Second Home School for Personalized Learning (T2HS) seeks to guide these young people towards pathways that will allow them to attain any large goals and big dreams they have, all while to catering to their natural tendency to gravitate towards understanding various systems and things existing around them. This is the school for those looking to learn more about their world and themselves and how to both thrive in and change them for the better.


The Second Home School for Personalized Learning’s mission is to provide socioeconomically disadvantaged students with a comfortable, stable, and individually relevant learning experience.


T2HS will serve as a place where innovative teaching practices that focus on student development inside and outside of the classroom are developed, perfected, and modeled as student populations change.

We’re hoping to open in the fall of 2018!

We’re looking for a small, converted home on the east side of Austin to house our school so that our small, future cohort can have a comfortable place to settle into and call their own. Stay tuned for more information about our classes, application, and school day.

Please let us know if you have any questions about what we plan to do and accomplish.

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